What You Should Know About Men & Varicose Veins

Back view of a sportsmen's legs running on a sand

40 million men and women in the US indeed develop varicose veins, and women are more likely to experience them. However, men do experience vein disease, and they may ignore the symptoms of leg pains, burning, itching, or even swelling.

Just like women, men are more likely to experience the worsening effects of varicose veins when they stand or sit for extended periods. Millions of men deal with these issues, so what should you know about varicose veins?

It’s Not Just Cosmetic

Women may seek help for varicose veins because of the bulging veins, but it’s not just a cosmetic issue. Left untreated, your varicose veins can worsen and even lead to worsening pain, skin changes, swelling, and even ulceration.

Your Diet Does Matter

What you eat does matter, and you can help to mitigate the effects of varicose veins with a diet that’s low in sodium and rich in fiber. Staying hydrated is also an important way to help prevent varicose veins from worsening.

Exercise Is Important

While you may experience worsening varicose veins in part because of your age and genetic history (family members have them), your activity levels do make a difference. As you sit and stand for prolonged periods, your veins can become more damaged, with an increasing pressure that leads to pain and discomfort. As you get moving, you can focus on maintaining a healthy weight and mitigating the worsening effects of varicose veins.

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