Women’s Services

When it comes to imaging services for women, Vantage Radiology offers the latest in digital and imaging technology under the direction of board certified radiologists.

Our service sites located in convenient locations throughout the region offer digital mammography, 4D ultrasound, breast imaging, MR imaging of the breast, obstetric/pelvic ultrasound, bone density exams, uterine fibroid embolization, and more. We can take care of your imaging needs from head to toe! And we can take care of your family as well! Our radiologists work daily with physicians of all specialties to deliver the highest quality of care, specifically suited to the unique needs of women.

When it comes to health care, women have special issues and concerns. Vantage Radiology understands this. We provide convenient and private environments, where all your testing and diagnostic needs are met with the utmost of comfort and discretion. Vantage Radiology offers the kind of diagnostic and imaging services that can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining—or regaining—your good health.

Skilled and compassionate nurses and technologists are specially trained to provide the services you need in a comforting manner. Come to us for the finest imaging services, and take to heart our promise of providing you with care and support in a comfortable environment.
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Women’s Services Available: