Nuclear Medicine


Nuclear Medicine is a subspecialty within the field of radiology. It includes diagnostic imaging studies that demonstrate body anatomy and function. The images are based on the distribution of a radioactive substance given to the patient, either intravenously, by mouth or inhaled into the lungs. Generally, radiation to the patient is similar to that resulting from standard X-ray examinations. Nuclear medicine images can assist the physician in diagnosing diseases. Tumors, infections and other disorders can be diagnosed by evaluating organ function.

Our Nuclear Medicine radiologists are board-certified physicians with special training in Nuclear Medicine procedures including: Nuclear Medicine Bone Scan, Diamox Scan, Gallium Whole Body Scan, Gastric Emptying, Hepatobiliary Scan, Meckel’s Scan, Parathyroid Scan, Stress Gated Heart Scan, Shunt Studies, Thallium Cardiac Scan, and Thyroid Scan.

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