Do Spider Veins Affect Your Health?

Painful varicose and spider veins on female legs. Keeping Active with Varicose Veins conceptSpider veins affect as many as 40 million Americans. If there is discomfort associated with spider veins, the pain is usually minimal. Some patients experience a burning, tingling, or achiness. At Vanishing Vein Northwest, our goal is to help our patients understand how spider veins can affect their health.

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are a common variation of varicose veins, although it’s usually a more minor variation. Spider veins are dilated veins that usually show up as a bright red vessel under the skin, with vessels radiating out for 2-5 mm. Patients may develop spider veins in any part of the body, but it’s more likely that spider veins will develop on chest, face, and legs.

What Causes Spider Veins?

Spider veins are caused by a backup in blood. Other factors like exposure to the sun, hormonal changes, and injuries can affect the development of spider veins as well. Pregnancy, obesity, smoking, and aging can also be factors in the development of spider veins, along with genetics and career choice.

What Are the Treatments for Spider Veins?

Patients sometimes decide to seek treatment because they don’t like how their spider veins look and feel. Here’s a quick overview of the options we offer for vein treatment.

  • Foam Sclerotherapy: With this minimally invasive procedure, we inject a foam substance into your leg vein to safely and effectively cause the vein to form a scar on the vessel walls. So, your vein closes, with immediate relief.
  • Endovenous Thermal Ablation: This laser treatment works to minimize your vein walls, which shrinks the vein and diverts your blood flow. You’ll likely experience a quick recovery, with no visible scarring and immediate relief.

While spider veins may be uncomfortable and even painful, they can also develop into purplish and bulging varicose veins that just appear more prominent. Our trained providers at Vanishing Vein Northwest offer these affordable treatment options that will allow you to get back to the legs you love.

Next Step: Consult with Vanishing Vein Northwest

At Vanishing Vein Northwest, our goal is to help you understand the root causes for spider veins, so you can avoid some of the most frequent causes. We work toward that goal by helping you to understand how your lifestyle choices can contribute to the development of spider veins as well as they can affect your health and wellness.

We consult with you about all the options, with vein treatments being one of the solutions that we explore as a balanced approach. We discuss your medical history, your job and career situation, and your family’s genetic history. Then, we explore the affordable treatment options that should give you the legs you love. Call us to find out how we can help.

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